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Scottsville extols expansion

Thursday, September 22, 2011

by Justin Story, The Daily News, originally published on 9/22/2011

Community leaders formally dedicated the completion of an expansion project at The Medical Center in Scottsville that includes additional clinic space and a permanent MRI system.

The $2.3 million project was nine months in the making, and hospital officials touted the potential benefits for patients and physicians during Wednesday’s ceremony.

The 5,700-square-foot expansion includes new space for the hospital’s Physician Specialty Clinics, where specialists from Bowling Green will see patients on designated days and times each week.

Scott, Murphy and Daniel constructed the expansion project and Ken Lashley served as the architect.

Eric Hagan, vice president of The Medical Center, said that relocating Physician Specialty Clinics from the Scottsville Medical Plaza to the hospital will be more convenient for patients who will not have to do as much traveling to receive specialized care from cardiologists, orthopedists, neurologists and other doctors.

“I think our patients will not have to get up and get around as much and then sit around and wait as much,” Hagan said.

Specialists who will work in the new part of the hospital will benefit from having building space dedicated exclusively to them as well, Hagan said.

Previously, Physician Specialty Clinics shared a facility with the Scottsville Rural Health Clinic.

Hagan said the rural clinic, which is staffed by three physicians and two nurse practitioners and sees an average of 120 patients daily, will have additional work space and patients there may potentially see reduced wait times.

“As the community grows, we continue to try to meet the community’s needs here,” Hagan said.

In addition to the new clinic space, the hospital welcomed the arrival of a new MRI system, the first permanent MRI machine at the hospital.

The new MRI suite will replace a mobile MRI service that visited the hospital once a week.

The permanent MRI was purchased by the hospital from Toshiba America Medical Systems.

Marty Robinson with Toshiba said the hospital’s MRI system represents the latest in imaging technology, noting that the patient table supports 440 pounds and the imaging system’s engine is quieter than other MRI machines.

As with the new clinic space, patient convenience was highlighted as a benefit of the hospital’s new permanent MRI suite.

Pamela Williams, a registered respiratory therapist at the Scottsville hospital, said her mother was one of the first patients to undergo an MRI in the new addition.

A Scottsville resident, Williams’ mother would have previously had to travel out of town or wait for the mobile MRI service to come to Scottsville for her examination.

“It is a huge convenience for our family members and patients to have this here,” Williams said. “A lot of folks have to take a taxi or get a day’s transportation just to go to Bowling Green for this.”

Chris Robison, chair of the Scottsville-Allen County Chamber of Commerce, said the community stands to benefit economically from the hospital’s expansion.

The Medical Center employs more than 200 people in Allen County, and accounts for $8.1 million a year in wages, which represents 6 percent of wages in the county.

Of that total, $3.5 million is spent in the county and about $200,000 is paid to local government coffers in occupational taxes.

“That makes a world of difference to members of the chamber and the overall quality of life here,” Robison said.

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